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Desperate to do right by his children, a debt-ridden taxi driver has just one night left to deliver on a lucrative, yet sinister promise.


Pete, a debt-ridden taxi driver and devoted father of two, found himself unable to say no when a chance encounter resulted in a dark proposition that would solve all of his woes. It would ultimately prove to be the greatest in a long line of mistakes however, as his moral code is shattered beyond repair. A good man driven to do very bad things, Pete now has only one final night to deliver on his sinister promise and ensure the future of his family...’



Country: UK

Language: English

Run time: 30 mins

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Black comedy, Neo-Noir

Shooting format: HDV Black Magic URSA Mini

Sound mix: Stereo


Release date: July 2018


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Producer and Director


Helen is a multi-award winning writer and director. Her macabre WWII short, Delicacy (2014), has enjoyed international festival success, winning five awards and earning nine nominations. Amongst the wins were THE ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY North West's Best Student Drama 2015, and Best Cinematography at THE US HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL Film Festival 2015.

Helen’s appreciation of film developed at an early age with a near obsession for films such as Carole Reed’s Oliver! (1968), Rocky (1976), and Back to the Future (1985). She earned her First Class BA Honours in Film and TV Production at The Manchester Film School, where she trained in single camera drama. With a great passion for narrative stories, Helen consistently delivers work of high production value, strong performances, and gripping plots.


Helen is developing a feature screenplay as well as looking to take on other independent projects.


Helen's portfolio can be viewed here:




Having spent an embarrassment of years serving on the industry frontline as a video store clerk with screenwriter aspirations (as all video store clerks did), Kris Heys eventually found a more useful outlet for his passions working as a Writer and Editor for the long-running UK film/TV magazine, STARBURST. Following Script and Story Editor duties on a number of film projects, Ends Meat (2017) is his first produced screenplay, with several more currently in development.


Director of Photography


A creative individual with skills in Video Production and Photography, Craig studied Film and TV Production where he gained the necessary expertise to produce high quality professional work. Craig has taught himself from a young age how to produce a variety of content, from VFX, Photography, Games, and Animation. He finally chose to focus on Film Production as it was his main interest, and has never looked back since. Now based in Manchester, he works across the UK creating content, collaborating with a wide variety of talented people and companies.





Mark is an actor based in Manchester. He trained at The Carol Godby Drama School as well as The Beverley Keogh School of Acting. He has been involved in many projects including theatre, commercials, television, and film. His UK television credits include, Shamless,nthe Five, Cold Blood, Emmerdale, and Coronation Street. Most recently he has appeared in Paul Abbott's No Offence and BBC drama From Darkness.





Christopher Faith is a Manchester based actor whose main teacher was David Johnson, a great influence on his work. He first started out in theatre, but quickly developed a love for film, and this has continued to grow over the years. He has starred in many North West based projects, including Down and Out, in which he co-wrote the screenplay, and executive produced; Chris Cronin's award winning film, Sophie's Fortune, and Mark Callum & Darren Langland's The Icehouse Project.





Michael Birtwistle was born in Blackburn in Lancashire. The son of a British Army Corporal, Michael moved around the UK a bit, as well as living in Berlin for some time.

Michael eventually got the chance to do performing arts and music at Accrington and Rossendale College. At 17 he underwent training for The British Army, but a small medical condition kept him out. Michael is now a proud father to four, and has continued to act. His most recent credits include the short film A Fish Out of water and the role of Daz in Ends Meat.

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