In development




Forced by an overbearing brotherly figure, a young man must confront his enemy

Genre: British social realism, drama. [short]

Shooting: July 2019

Run time: 5 mins

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1


HELEN LYONS-CURRAN - Writer/Director



Michael Birtwistle was born in Blackburn, Lancashire. The son of a British Army Corporal, Michael moved around the UK a bit, as well as living in Berlin for some time.

Michael eventually got the chance to do performing arts and music at Accrington and Rossendale College.

After playing the role of Daz in 'Ends Meat'. Helen wrote the role of Lewis, in 'Choke', with Michael in mind. 


Vincent Conwy is a Manchester based actor whose main teacher was David Johnson, a great influence on his work. He first started out in theatre, but quickly developed a love for film, and this has continued to grow over the years. He has starred in many North West based projects, including Down and Out, in which he co-wrote the screenplay, and executive produced; Chris Cronin's award winning film, Sophie's Fortune, Mark Callum & Darren Langland's THE Icehouse Project and Helen's previous film 'Ends Meat'.

Helen is a milti-award winning filmmaker, who's work consistently delivers work of high production value, strong performances and gripping plots.

Delicacy (2014), Helen's Macabre WWII short won the 2014 ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY North West's Best Student Drama, and Best Cinematography at The US HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL Film Festival 2015. It then went on to tour the UK and US festival circuit, achieving five more awards, and nine nominations; being recognised for direction, performance, and art & design.

After premiering as part of 2018's GRIMMFEST, Helen's latest film, ENDS MEAT, is currently making it's way around the film festival circuit.

As well as 'Choke', Helen is in development with further projects, including her first feature length screenplay.

She earned her First Class BA Honours in Film and TV Production from The Manchester Film School where she trained in single camera drama.

JO LANE - Director of Photography

Jo Lane is an experienced Writer/Director whose first film, Time Goes Nowhere (2009), funded by NW Vision, was accepted onto the BBC Film Network. 

Jo went on to write and direct her second short, Bored Games (2011), which screened at the London Short Film Festival and became part of their ‘strong female characters’ section in partnership with Underwire. She has since, Written/Directed, and undertaken the role of Director of Photography, on a variety of short films which have gained festival success. 

Jo is a passionate member of the Kino Kabaret movement, which has enabled Jo to develop her filmmaking practice, without the need for funding. Jo’s most recent film ‘How Not To Meditate’ is currently on the festival circuit and has so far been accepted into six short film festivals in the UK and abroad including London Short Film festival and an honorable mention from the Berlin Flash Film festival.


Ménage à Trois

Short Anthology Film

Genres: Horror, Romance, LGBT

Three dinner dates, three twisted fates. 

Written & Directed by: Helen Lyons-Curran, Kris Heys and 

Rebecca Melvin Phillips

Produced by: Helen Lyons-Curran


Short Film

Stage: Script development

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi.

In a dystopian future, a couple hunted by the authorities take refuge.

Written by: Helen Lyons-Curran


Feature screenplay

Stage: Script development

Genres: Drama, Western.

A reclusive pioneer’s quiet life is turned into chaos when she finds an unconscious woman carrying a sack of money. (85 pages)

Written by: Helen Lyons-Curran


Feature screenplay

Stage: Development

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Written by: Kris Heys